Konsciously is the easiest way to build maths, coding and communication skills for 21st century careers with LIVE Classes taught by the alumni of world's best universities!

Last Updated: 23rd March 2021


1. Registration Fees

There is no fee for registering with KONSCIOUSLY and you can join the application/site without paying any registration fee. Whenever there is any modification to the registration fee you shall be notified accordingly.

2. Fee

You agree that there will be certain fees applicable to various services that will be accessed by you on the application/site (purchasing Koins or membership). Services which are free can be accessed without paying any fees and you agree to pay the quoted fees to access the paid services on the application/site.

3. Formal Invoices and Taxes

KONSCIOUSLY will be issuing formal invoices to the User. KONSCIOUSLY may add the Service Tax, to be paid by the User, to the Fee.