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Get a unique approach to develop soft skills, foster self-improvement to multiply professional growth & personal development, which comes with a next generation interactivity. The lessons and modules, reviewed and recommended by top psychologists, career counsellors, corporate trainers, helps in improving your Employability Skills & Emotional Intelligence.

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Next-gen experience

We don't believe in videos filled with lectures! At Konsciously You can either listen or read, and enjoy the interactivity of it, with real time questions, tasks, tips and trivia.

Interactive Tasks

100+ interactive activities & tasks on Deep Breathing, Affirmation, Planning, Goal Setting, Journaling, Relaxation, Visualization, Introspection designed by global experts. These tasks can help you to through the toughest of situations: Cracking an interview, Client meeting or after criticism, Building an impressive and efficacious resume.

Intriguing Questions

More than 100 mind-blowing questions to test your decision making abilities followed by expert’s advice.

Hand-picked Tips & Trivia

To enhance your personal development, amplify your professional growth, and to boost your employability skills & emotional intelligence.

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What exactly is the app about?

Konsciously is designed to boost your Employability skills and Emotional intelligence, foster self improvement and help you gain relevant cognitive, social and Emotional skills to be successful at work and life. Some of the top skills that we help you build include - Multiplying Productivity, Critical Thinking, Negotiation, Flexibility, Adaptability, Rebranding, Stress Management among others. The skill, knowledge, tips provided will help you boost your Employability and Emotional skills. Recommended by top psychologists, career counsellors, corporate trainers, our interactive content is a unique approach to develop skills to multiply career growth & Emotional development.

How is it different from other educational/skill-based apps?

Unlike other apps, we focus on achieving through real-time interactions. We have an array of tasks, questions, tips and trivia shown to you at the most pertinent points in your app journey. Hence, you not only read or listen but do and learn.

Is it worth it to pay for a skill-based app that is not focused on school/college curriculum?

Gaining useful cognitive, social and emotional skills have become very important in today's hyper busy and globalized world. One needs to be calm, composed and dynamic at the same time. One needs good decision making techniques, cognitive abilities and a strong emotional quotient to become successful. These are as invaluable as any other academic skill.

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Our mission is to help you achieve holistic well-being through a series of interactive and transformational journeys that are designed to set you up for success.

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